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Stealths Help to Launch Droid

droidMotorola and Verizon fired another salvo with their most recent Droid commercial. It’s a scene reminiscent for Star Wars enthusiasts, as a series of stealth bombers launch capsules across the country. The pods land in farms, forests and puzzlingly the ocean. No doubt locations not covered by AT&T’s 3G map.

The pods themselves whistle through the air and knock a cowboy off his horse. Said cowboy approaches the vessel and is bewildered and awed by the 1/10th of a second appearance of the red eyed Droid. It’s another theatrical and in your face trailer of sorts for the first Android 2.0 smartphone. Whereas the original Droid commercial took direct shots at AT&T and Apple’s iPhone, “Stealth” instead focuses on the high tech nature and aesthetic design of the phone.

The Droid campaign again piques the curiosity of the viewer, as the phone is barely shown. No doubt those behind the Droid want these ads to stimulate page views and store visits.

The ad was first shown on Boy Genius Report with a caption stating that it would be airing on TV this week. The Droid has a “drop date” of Friday and will go for $199 with a two year service agreement.

The Motorola Droid

The Star Wars Probe Droid


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