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A’s Need Major Change, Geren Needs to Go by tiffrut
May 14, 2009, 8:35 am
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VBCS3iNABeing an A’s fan I am used to the typical season: start off bad, pick it up a little in the middle, end playing .700 baseball and trying to get in the playoffs…but instead trading away any good talent we have for younger talent that will take at least a few years to have any showing in the majors.

This season has started like any other typical A’s season, badly. The team is playing bad in April and May like usual and before the deadline Matt Holliday will most likely be wearing colors other than green and gold. The only way the A’s even think about keeping Holliday through the season is if they are in contention which means they need to play better, more consistant baseball. Holliday has been asked about playing for the Yankees because they are a team said to be interested in the All-Star outfielder, he said that he would love to play for New York. Interesting, and disgusting at the same time. Many other teams will be interested once Beane says Holliday is on the block.

As for right here, right now…manager Bob Geren has got to go. He shows zero intensity, looks confused in the dugout half the time and makes downright stupid calls. Who in their right mind starts two catchers in a game? Twice he has started Kurt Suzuki in the DH spot and Landon Powell behing the plate. In effect when in the ninth inning with two outs and the tying run of second base, Geren had to let Powell hit because he could not give up the DH spot. So the game was in the hands of rookie and backup catcher Landon Powell because Geren’s stupid lineup when much better hitters sat from the bench to watch the final out.

Geren shows no emotion. He was thrown out of the game last week arguing balls and strikes but that was the first time in a long time he has showed any type of fire. That is what the team needs to see, fire and passion. So far the A’s have shown neither on the field. Things need to change and the first step is Geren, show the team we mean business and are serious about winning this year by firing Geren.

This will not happen because Geren got an extension before this season, stupid move. He is best friends with Billy Beane and that will get him far in this organization. Beane runs the show in Oakland, he needs to realize things need to change and I do not mean by trading away all the talent we have, been there done that.


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