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Arod’s Top Nicknames by llwesman
April 30, 2009, 9:17 am
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With this new ESPN report about Arod’s steroid use comes another glorious nickname. Apparently his Yankee teammates called him “Bitch Tits,” in 2005, after he returned with enlarged and rounded pectorals, in part due to his steroid use. “Bitch Tits” joins a celebrated list of nicknames for Arod. Here’s The Dugout Report Top Five, please feel free to add your own for the next edition, which will no doubt come out in about three months with a new nickname.

5. Bitch Tits – I’m sure we’ll hear this chanted at Fenway, but it doesn’t rhyme or incorporate his name. It’s a little vulgar for a comical nickname.
4. Stray Rod – Coined after being spotted with a stripper, this nickname has the benefit of the rhyme.
3. ARoid – An excellent nickname, this one goes directly to the heart of his steroid usage.
2. AFraud – Love AFraud, this character assassinating nickname takes a deserved shot at his media image, carefully crafted by public relations folks – who should probably be fired.
1. Mr. May – Still tops on this list, Mr. May highlights A-Rod’s playoff ineptitude by sarcastically complimenting his early season mastery. Gold.


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how about: A-hole-rod.

Comment by tcz

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