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Noise Makers + Baseball = Trash by llwesman
April 16, 2009, 6:57 pm
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What do you think of when you ponder the game of baseball? Hot dogs, beer, soda, peanuts, cracker jack, the crack of the bat? Yep sounds about right.

How about drums? whistles? thunder-slapping? Cmon.

MLB needs to jump on this garbage asap. There is NO place at a major league ball park for artificial noisemakers like drums and thundersticks. Having attended two of the Red Sox – Athletics games this past week I was struck by the incredible annoyance of idiotic fans whose idea of enjoying a baseball game involve soliciting stares of annoyance for blowing into plastic horns, beating a drum at inopportune times and shrilling a whistle in leiu of clapping.

I’m convinced that these so called “fans” show up only to draw attention to themselves by making ridiculous un-baseball related noises that serve only to irritate fans of both teams. If you see one of these idiots, let them know how you feel. I sure did.
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Yes, those are annoying.
a) thundersticks
b) beer vendors in the stands
c) people doing the wave
d) steroid users who play pro sports
e) pompous fans
f) kids trying to keep themselves entertained during a four and a half hour game
g) people getting up to use the bathroom
h) people talking behind you
i) guys who spill their pepsi during the homerun
j) jerks that run out on the field
k) guys who wear their hats backward
l) guys who give solo standing ovations
m) guys who stand up whenever there is a big play
n) girls who wear hot pants and tight t-shirts
o) know-it-all fans sitting next to you
p) baseball’s supposed purists who believe their game day experience is all that matters and feel like they can try to squash somebody’s good time when the people having a good time aren’t hurting anyone and paid 100 bucks to take their family to the game when they are upside down on their mortgage and in fear of losing their job, but still feel it is important enough to get out and support the home team and have some fun
q) people who write long, run-on sentences that you have to read a couple times to figure out their point.

Comment by Brendan

You make some fair points – I suppose I may have gone a little overboard with my ire, however having seen children cussed out for showing up in the visiting teams apparel and merciless noisemaking directed towards nobody I stand by my statements.

Comment by llwesman

Thanks. Your thoughts are understandable.

So you are saying that children should not make noise because they will be cussed out by other fans? Those other fans are the ones you should be scolding. Or better yet, complain to the usher. I know you agree, just stating the obvious, for discussion’s sake.

I like the drums and the horns at the A’s games. I do not like the organized cheering, like the jumbotron sign that reads “let’s make some noise” or the fake “clap…..clap…..clap, clap, clap” they play over the speakers. That should be outlawed.

Comment by Brendan

I think I’m being less than clear, when I mentioned the kids getting cussed out, the fans doing the swearing are the same fans that do the drumming, whistling etc at the A’s games. Those are the fans I’m criticizing. I’ve seen firsthand those fans start fights and attempt to intimidate visiting fans.

It’s hard to complain with the ushers in the bleachers when they are laughing around and buddying up with their drummer brethren.

Comment by llwesman

If fans are starting fights and not getting kicked out or 86’d (repeat offenders), then we have a bigger problem than thundersticks.

That being said, your specific criticisms do seem to be well directed.

(But I still like the drums!)

Comment by Brendan

Calm down, it’s baseball. People should be able to make noise however the hekk they want. It’s a game, it should be fun, and the fans should be able to have fun anyway they want in the stands. The drums get people going, the horns are cool. I think you might be bitter b/c the A’s won the series. Don’t hold it against us. But really, the noisemakers are fine. I hate the Rally Monkey with a passion in Anaheim but I don’t think it should be outlawed because it is a fun thing for the fans and the fans really get into it when the monkey comes on the screen in Anaheim. Noisemakers are cool, they get the fans excited which is what the game is all about.

I know the game of baseball should be enough to get the fans excited, but not everyone at a game is a die hard fan and they need the noise to get them excited…clapping only can go so far.

Things I hate: the wave, beach balls, stupid songs sang in between innings (ie: Sweet Caroline)…now those things should be outlawed, they show people do not want to pay attention to the game.

Comment by tiff3arod

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