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Piniella and Girardi’s Moves Already Being Watched Closely by tiffrut
April 4, 2009, 1:09 pm
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Lou Piniella and Joe Girardi are no doubt going to be making some big decisions this season and those decisions will be watched closer than ever. Both Piniella’s Cubs and Girardi’s Yankees are teams with big expectations this season and failure is not an option to the fans in Chicago and New York. The Cubs are all too used to failure and the Yankees have not won a World Series in eight years which is way too long if you ask anyone in New York.

Both teams are ready for the season to get under way and prove they are as good as projected but both teams will be watched very closely so every move the managers make will be either praised or scrutinized. Piniella has already had to make a decision in choosing his closer this season. He chose Kevin Gregg over Carlos Marmol, a decision many people thought was the wrong one. That move will be one to watch, if Gregg struggles, Lou will be the one who takes the heat for it. This will occur all year with his decisions on the diamond and Girardi will endure the same thing if not more.

The Yankees spent millions of dollars this offseason in hopes of suring up their pitching rotation and solidifying their offense as the best in the game. C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett were added to the rotation and Mark Teixeira will be right in the middle of that lineup. Girardi has a lot of proven talent in his clubhouse but the problem with the Yankees has been their inability to really come together as a team and win, this is something the manager needs to take control of and make sure happens.

Piniella and Girardi have huge tasks in front of them in managing two teams with high expectations but the rewards could be a World Series Title at the end of the season, if not they will hear it.
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