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Wes’ 2009 Preseason Power Rankings by llwesman
April 3, 2009, 7:21 am
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1. Red Sox – One game from the World Series with an injured Beckett, Ortiz, Lowell, Lowrie and Drew. A return to health plus the additions of Smoltz, Penny and Saito are enough to push this team to the top.
2. Rays – Bullpen can’t be as good as last year. Offense should improve.
3. Mets – Putz and Krod = Playoffs
4. Yankees – CC not going to replicate Mussina wins from last season.
5. Reds – Youth movement makes its way from TB to Cincy.
6. Rangers
7. Cubs
8. Phillies – Hamels injury woes plus a World Series hangover has these guys missing the playoffs.
9. Giants – Lincecum. Lincecum. Lincecum.
10. Royals – MUCH improved and a new hitting coach + weakened division = miracle run?
11. Diamondbacks – Justin Upton should be big.
12. Angels – Subtract Krod and Teix and miss the playoffs as the OF is one year older.
13. Cardinals
14. Indians
15. Dodgers
16. Tigers – No pitching here.
17. Twins – Missing Mauer can’t be overstated.
18. White Sox
19. Braves
20. Brewers – No CC, No Sheets, No playoffs.
21. Marlins
22. Mariners
23. A’s
24. Astros
25. Jays – Not going anywhere with the big three ahead of them.
26. Orioles
27. Rockies
28. Nationals – Hopefully Strasburg can reach the show.
29. Pirates
30. Padres – This is a major league team still?

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